Foundation - Goals


In order to achieve the above. Tom Mboya Memorial foundation intends:

  1. To provide members and entire region with suitable common forums to discern and discuss issues affecting their general well-being and furthermore to express their views and opinions to the kind attention of relevant institutions, foundations, authorities, corporations, organizations, persons, etc. for appropriate action.
  2. To undertake fund raising meetings, lobby and appeal for voluntary contributions (or donations), loans, grants, securities, technical know- how, etc to enable us to adequately address growth and development of social, political, moral, economic and educational aspects of our lives.
  3. To work closely with other relevant bodies, corporations, persons, foundations, organizations, institutions etc. that are involved in the primary healthcare, or community based health care, programmes (especially campaign against the spread of the epidemic killer but preventable diseases like HIV/AIDS, STI's, malaria, typhoid fever, cholera and prevention of other diseases) and to evolve harmonized and appropriate structures through out reach programmes that shall demystify the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In so doing, the Foundation intends to work towards the alleviation and/or eradication of trauma, mystification, stigmatization and ignorance about it through barazas, seminars, workshops, symposiums, religious organization (or gatherings) learning institutions, social gatherings etc.
  4. To establish the foundations branches, clubs, alumni organizations companies etc. as well as forge intimate working relationships with other a\affiliated organizations corporations foundations institutions persons etc. within South Nyanza Region other parts of Kenya and even outside Kenya, so as to strengthen and supplement our programmes and activities in order to widen our are of operations and / or activities.
  5. To purchase, sell, lease, let any plants, buildings, parcels of land, movable and immovable structures or assets etc. and to make sure that such activities and programmes are only undertaken in the best interest of the Foundation and it's beneficiaries.
  6. To negotiate, accept, disburse, and transact bills of exchange, promissory notes, bank drafts, overdrafts, cheques, securities, bonds, shares, insurance policies, credit cards and other legally negotiable instruments of exchange to build the financial standing of the Foundation for the purpose of engendering its propensity to entrepreneurship, investment and to defray its other financial obligations.
  7. To establish primary marketing co-operative societies (PMACOS) to enable the Foundation to get improved access to viable markets in and outside Kenya for farm produce, manufactured products, etc so as to generate gainful occupation and income.
  8. To establish savings and Credit Co-operatives Societies (SACCOS) to enable the Foundation to inoculate the art and propensity of savings and credit and furthermore to establish micro financing (or revolving fund) schemes in order to give the Foundation access to financial resources for investments and entrepreneurship.
  9. To establish multi-faceted reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction centers or institutions for destitute and handicapped children and the aged in order to enable them to utilize their potentials for the purpose of improving their living standards; restore their integrity, dignity and values.

  10. To lobby for financial, material and technical know- how/assistance from foundations, organizations, institutions, societies, persons, etc within and outside Kenya to enable the Foundation to establish career or professional training or development centers, colleges, institutions, etc. so as to enable the youth and other interested people to be trained and develop careers and professions that would manifest gainful occupation and income. These will also enable such members and beneficiaries to efficiently and effectively control and manage their own and that of the society.
  11. To establish ad hoc dispute and conflict resolution/arbitration committees, centers, institutions etc that will be able to discern, arbitrate and resolve disputes and conflicts in the society. To give legal protection to the people and their properties so as to ensure the prevalence, utilization and enjoyment of the well established rule of law and natural justice for the attainment of peaceful and harmonial co-existence amongst members themselves, the entire region and neighboring communities.
  12. To form community action groups, social workers, peer educators, etc that would work with permission alongside government functionaries and/or law enforcement agencies to combat acts of alcoholism, thuggery, robbery, prostitution, cultism, drug addiction and trafficking, cattle rustling, theft, hooliganism and such other unwanted vices in the society and how to reconcile, rehabilitate and reconstruct people lost and obsessed in such vices to become good and resourceful people in the society.

  13. To collaborate with other concerned bodies in training and sensitizing communities about the most effective, efficient and cheap farming methods that are environmental/ecosystem friendly and can conserve the soil and increase it's fertility. Also to help farmers identify and use only efficacious and drought resistant seeds and plants that can ensure maximum yield to provide adequate food security. To sell such surplus farm produce as well as manufactured products there from to provide gainful occupation and income.
  14. To lobby for financial, material and technical know- how/assistance from organizations, institutions, societies, persons, foundations, etc within and outside Kenya to enable us establish appropriate production technologies, information, education and communication (IEC) technologies and networking. Also to enable us to get improved access to and commercialize the same facilities so as to enable the Foundation to establish and sustain small scale, handloom and light industries to provide gainful employment and income.
  15. To offer relief and constant consultancy and training services as well as equipment for improved food handling, storage and preservation together with exposure to production, processing and other post harvest technologies and methodologies. To ensure food security, improved nutrition and furthermore to sell such surplus farm produce to provide gainful occupation and income.

  16. To establish relief and rescue information centers, institutions, etc that shall be able to focus, analyze, monitor and evaluate signs of any forthcoming disasters, whether natural or man-made. Thereafter, intimate concerned authorities, etc so as to enable them take any possible precautionary measure. Such centers, institutions, etc shall also be able to offer relief and rescue services to the already affected people by such disasters and/or calamities
  17. To solicit for financial material and technical know how assistance from within and outside Kenya to enable the Foundation to offer bursaries, scholarships and other vital assistance to our bright but poor beneficiaries so as to enable them to proceed with their further education, technical and vocational training.
  18. To collaborate with other concerned bodies to evolve and sustain programmes gathered towards promoting and protecting rural energy production and distribution, sanitation, environment, ecological balance and biodiversity.
  19. To conduct research studies and baseline surveys in order to enable the Foundation to publish journals, books, periodicals, reports, bulletins, and other such documents as part of, or in relation to the above and programmes for ourselves and other organizations, institutions, foundations, societies etc resource baseline (or primary data base).

  20. To establish progressive mechanisms and strategies for improving and maintaining primary data base (or resource baseline) management programmes tailored for planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating the above activities and programmes.
  21. To undertake all such endeavors and programmes that are incidental thereto in order to further the above aims, objectives, ideas, policies and programmes be it legally, economically, socially, politically, educationally and culturally relevant, conducive and complementary to the attainment and sustenance.